• Sermon – September 8, 2019

    Dennis Nice: Betrayal

    And a word from Munty Teahn

    King David experienced it from from his own son, a close adviser and others. Betrayal begets betrayal. It can lead to bitterness–but in Christ we can choose to begin a new legacy of trust.

  • Sermon – September 1, 2019

    Dennis Nice: Melchizedek

    He is mentioned just three times in scripture,
    but through what is written about him we can learn who we are called to be.

  • Sermon – August 25, 2019

    John Rodgers: Storytime

    “Did they tell you stories about the saints of old, the stories about their faith?
    Stories like that make a boy grow bold. Stories like that make a man walk straight.” -Rich Mullins