The Birth of Christ

The Birth of Christ

December 2017

In this Christmas season there is a lot of activity swirling about us. Shopping for gifts, office parties, church functions, and family events fill our schedules. I suppose it may seem a bit trite or repetitive to focus on the true meaning of Christmas, but yet so necessary to reign in our scattered thinking and for a moment, put a laser focus on it.

Yes, Jesus is “the reason for the season.” Not just his virgin birth, as absolutely important as that is, but the reason he came. To redeem mankind. To restore us to a relationship with Father that was torn apart in the Garden when Adam and Eve decided in their rebellion, they could be as smart as God!

So, take a moment; shut out the hustle and bustle. Think about your life and your relationship with the one who created you. Take stock of your year in review. Have you spent time with him? Do you know him better now than you did then? Reflect in the quietness.

He came for you!


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