Paul and Timothy, bondservants of Jesus Christ…Philippians 1:1

Jesus_surrenderThere is a word that has fallen out of use in the church of Jesus Christ over the past few decades. That word is, “surrender.” It has been replaced by another word:  “Commitment.

Words are important. They have meaning. They reflect the thinking of a culture during a particular season of time. The word commitment is an arbitrary word. The emphasis is on the choice of the person doing the committing. We commit to one task or another. We divide and commit portions of our time and energy according to our own wishes.

Surrender is another breed of cat altogether. In our culture, we have little experience of what it means to be under a sovereign. In a democratic republic, the people are the sovereign. Surrender means to turn over the right of self-determination to another. Several times, the Apostle Paul refers to himself as a bondservant of Jesus Christ. A bondservant was a person who, even though he was granted his freedom, chose to stay with his master in loving service.

Are you just committed to the idea of believing in Jesus, or are you all in as a bondservant, surrendered to him in all things? There is a difference between having Jesus as Savior and having him as Lord!


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